About Us


The New Generation of Funeral Service Practitioners Association (NGFSPA) is a professional association of Licensed Funeral Directors & Morticians, Funeral Home Owners, Mortuary Science Student and  Funeral Service Interns professionals. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the common professional and business interest of its members.

Our Objective

To provide a meeting place for its members, to encourage and promote the study of mortuary science among its members through lectures and study courses. To encourage its members to read the latest magazines and papers written on the subject of mortuary science, and to encourage them to assemble for the purpose of mutual helpfulness to one another.

Vision Statement

Honoring our heritage, fulfilling our dream, accepting our calling, reaching our goals, celebrating our Past and Future by walking together as one United Brother and Sisters into a New Generation.

Mission Statement

Bringing together a New Generation of Funeral Practitioners ofprofessional men and women who are fully committed to the funeral professionand to help improve the funeral service industry. Through this membership wehope to build a strong relationship with one another and to strongly supportthe continuing education of our members; leadership, skills and mentoring.

Our History

The New Generation Funeral Services Practitioners Association , Inc. is a non-profit  organization for members of the funeral service industry who have decided to make this profession their career. The NGFSPA, Inc. organization was formed as a social media group on MySpace.com in April of 2008 the name of the group was Funeral Directors & Morticians Group, Inc by Mr. Kenyatta King.  A year later Mr. King moved the group to Facebook.com and on October 5, 2009 the New Generation Funeral Service Practitioners Association, Inc was formed.  There were several names for this young organization (The Future Funeral Directors of America, Our Generation of Funeral Service, Funeral Director of America), but the name that was chosen was the New Generation Funeral Services Practitioners Association, Inc. (NGFSPA, Inc.)  Membership consist of  Licensed Funeral Directors and Embalmers, Funeral Home Owners, Mortuary Science students and Funeral Service Apprentices. 

Presidents To Serve The Association   

Rev. Anthony AJ Bracy, LFDLE
Columbia, South Carolina
2011 - 2012

Robert J. Bethea, Jr, LFDLE
Wichita, Kansas
2012- 2015

Orlando Estrada, LFDLE
Corpus Cristi, Texas
2015 - 2016

Erik J. Jackson, LFDLE
Detroit, Michigan
2016 - 2018

Lashawn Landy, LFDLE
Atlanta, Georgia
2018 - 2018

Joshua G. Barnes, LFDLE
Valdosta, Georgia
2019 - Presents

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